Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Task Tuesday

"Can you make something from this?"   {handover pile of random buttons, stickers, clothespins, and other small items}

That was the response I got when I asked how I could help in one classroom.  There was no other instruction given.  When I asked what the teacher wanted, the response was "it doesn't matter".  When I specifically asked if I should focus on reading, math, writing, fine motor, put in...I just got a blank stare.  I have asked a few times what needs the students/classroom have and the response is always "we will take anything".  I think that the teacher is good with the kids, but as far as what they are learning...well I'm not to sure.  I can't decide if the teacher is just so far in the weeds that she doesn't know what she needs or if she doesn't really care.  Either way, it's not good.  Initially, I was just offering my services to create tasks...now I'm worried.  But for right now, I'm just going to create away.  In the meantime I hope that I can help in other ways in the not too distant future.

This week's tasks are focusing on combined fine motor & educational tasks.  I figured that some of the tasks might need to double team on some skills.  Here is what I created...

1:1 Correspondence; Color Matching

Number/Number Sets; Fine Motor

Matching Number Sets; Fine Motor

Puzzle: Number Sets

1:1 Correspondence; Color Matching

Number to Number Sets

Skip Counting by 5s

Puzzle Jig
(pieces are color coded and separate)

Counting by 2s

1:1 Correspondence; Visual Discrimination

Visual Discrimination

Visual Discrimination; 1:1 Correspondence

Number/Number Sets; Pincer Grasp

Number to Number Sets

Shape discrimination

Size Discrimination

Puzzle Jig
Pattern Recognition; Pattern Continuation
(This task has 2 sets of cards--one for each skill)

I had a lot of fun creating tasks this week, even though I was limited by the pieces that I was given.  I hope the teachers are able to readily incorporate these tasks into their classroom instruction.  More tasks to come soon!

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