Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adapted Books

Adapted Books are one of my favorite classroom resources.  I am a firm believer that students need to read, read, read.  Unfortunately, in some of the classes that I have observed in, books are rare; Kids read with the teacher sure, but reading for enjoyment is often nonexistent.  I always made a point to give my students free-reading time.  In 2 of the classes that I have been working with, there are no books for the kids to read independently.  That is going to change...

One of my favorite resources for creating adapted books is the website The books are easy to print in a variety of sizes.  They are also super easy to modify for a wide range of kids.  I frequently adapt the same title for more than 1 reading level/skill level.

Here are a few of the books that I created this week.  Some are from Reading A-Z and others are books that I had in the charity box that my personal kids had outgrown.

Label pictures or simple comprehension

This book is for a student whose IEP goals are to unscramble sentences.  I made it somewhat of a self-correcting task in that the velcro pieces alternate on each page.  The hook strip is under the page on one side; The other side is loop.

 (I apologize for the following sideways photos, they keep turning themselves every time I upload them)

This was a book that I reprinted from my files on BoardmakerShare.  The cards are for 2 different skill levels, matching images or comprehension.

This book was one in my box of "I know I can do something with that later" stuff.  One of the kids in the level 2 class is able to read, but struggles with pincer grasp.  I taped a flap on each page to see if it would make it easier for her to turn the pages.

Matching photo to photo
I didn't create words, but it could also be set up for the kids to match word to word.

These books were bound in a few different ways.  Since the teachers I have been working with have not used adapted books, I want them to try a variety of bindings.  That way they can determine their preference for how they want them bound or which works better for the kids.  On one of the books, I stapled the binding and then duck taped over the staples.  Others are board books that once I added the velcro, the pages were spaced making them open easier.  Other books are bound with 2 different spiral bindings.  

I hope you find these helpful, more adapted books to come soon.

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