Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Unique Learning Linky Party

Late last year my system "strongly suggested" that we use ULS in our self-contained classes.  I went to the training, but was unsure how to actually implement the program in my room.  I have spent the last 6 months trying to figure out what works best in my room.  Things I have discovered about making ULS work in my classroom:
   *DATA, DATA, DATA...I keep a data sheet in the front of each hanging folder (each lesson is the
          same subject; similar skills, so I am able to keep data on the same sheet over a few months)
   *Keep each lesson divided in a hanging file folder in a large tub
   *Not everything needs to be printed
   *Non-skid shelf paper hot glued to the back works better, is cheaper and takes up less room than
   *Make at least 1 extra copy of the non-fiction reading, science & math to place in a work center
   *When scheduling, my teacher assistant & I take turns each week teaching either math or lang. arts
   *Science and Social Studies are taught whole group
   *Look for supplemental materials on www.boardmakershare.com before I make them myself

After finding the ULS Linky Party, I printed this month's lessons 2 to a page like SPED-Ventures does.  I really liked her idea; I was able to create file folders easier, because the pieces fit.  I'm not finished with Spring Break yet, so I don't know how it will work in actuality though, time will tell.

I still struggle with ULS at times, because I have a few kids who don't quite fit with ULS.  One is too high for most of the lessons, and I have one who is not quite ready for them; so I am still having to make additional materials.

I can't wait to hear how others use ULS.