Sunday, May 1, 2016


Last weeks mentor session with one group revolved around literacy. The teachers are using ULS, but are finding that it either isn't enough or it isn't a good fit for the kids this year. We discussed a variety of ways to include literacy in tasks. One of the teachers is a former upper elementary General Ed teacher. Once we began discussing how to integrate, her brain clicked and she came up with a ton of ways she could incorporate some Gen Ed literacy for her non verbal kiddos. We had lengthy discussions about how difficult it is to move a kid from an adapted curriculum to the Common Core and how those gaps can be filled.

For tasks this week, we used some of the books from that aligned with the skills either in ULS or the science theme.  We then made a few activities that corresponded to both the books and IEP goals.  Now there are both teacher guided activities as well as activities to include in work baskets.

These tasks were for work boxes, to accompany the book Animal Tongues.
The animals from the book were used to make a labeling task
These vocabulary words were used to create a tracing task for a work box

These vocabulary words were added to these shapes and used to create an animal from the book
The book was created for multiple uses.  If the teacher uses the red outlined words, the student will be identifying the animal. If the teacher uses the blue outlined words, the student will be identifying other vocabulary words.  The cards on the right were printed from the activities that accompanied the book from the website.
 These tasks were created to accompany the book Muscles.

This copy of the book was adapted as a comprehension task where
the final word of the sentence was filled in from a field of 2.

This book was adapted as a sentence construction task.

This task came from one of the activities on the
website for the book.  It is simply flap book with
the definition under each vocab word.
This is another task from the website
as a cloze sentence task.  We made
2 copies of this.  One as a writing task
and another as a fill in the blank for those
students who are unable to write.

 This book was created to address a speech goal for a student.  The student will identify the job, based on the description in the book.

These tasks were based around the book Rocks.

This is just an identification task based on the science skills for the unit.

This task is from one of the activities
on the website.  The rocks are highlighted
to help with identifying the size.

This is another task from the website.  Again, this was created for a student who
is able to comprehend but does not have the ability to complete paper/pencil tasks.

I hope you find these helpful!


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