Thursday, September 12, 2013

Data Collection

Well, I am back to data collection again!  It seems that I am just never satisfied.  Last school year I tried to go paperless.  It worked to some extent, but I wasn't super happy.  It was challenging to compile all of my various data sets in different virtual arenas.  

For the last term of the 2012/2013 school year, I also took on the role of Special Needs Coordinator full time.  In that role, I realized that we had no data collection tool for our people to use.  In the current system, I am responsible to writing each student's IILP(International Individual Learning Plan), similar to an IEP.  That being said, there was no data collected that wasn't subjective in nature.  Each Learning Facilitator (teaching assistant) that worked with individual kids was giving me updates, but there was nothing concrete to examine.  It was just their interpretation of the situation.  I really need to work on that for this coming school year!

Personally, I used BehaviorTracker Pro, which I wrote about in a previous blog post.  I really like the app, and I am definitely partial to them after the fabulous customer service I received last fall. However, it is one of those "in the know" apps. You need to completely understand the language of, at the very least FBAs, but also Applied Behavioral Analysis.  It's not an intuitive app by any means.  It would be next to impossible to get an non-trained Learning Facilitator to use without skewing my results.  

I have been looking into other options out there for data collection. I could just build spreadsheets for every child, but it would still have some limits.  I am looking for something that everyone has access to, but can't change info by accident.  I am trying to find an app that is more intuitive than a spreadsheet and BTP. One complaint I have about BTP is that I have to remember what skill I am tracking for each child, each time I enter the app.  It doesn't automatically keep each behavior selected for the kids.  My other complaint about BTP is that I can't take data on multiple kids at one time.

Last night I came across IEPPal.  It looks kind of like what I'm looking for.  It seems to be more intuitive, and you can take data on multiple kids at a time.  I can upload pictures for each of the kids and multiple people can enter data, which is good. It isn't super expensive, but I am not sure it would be worth the investment.  Although I really need to update the way we collect data on Sped kiddos in my school.  Last year we began the year with 10 Sped kiddos across 11 age groups.  This year we will begin with 25 across 12 age groups. Its a WHOLE lot more to keep up with.  

Has anyone out there used IEPPal?  Can anyone give me thoughts on it? (I'm afraid that the company website might be a little bit biased.)

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