Thursday, December 13, 2012

Collecting data digitally

So in my goal to go digital, I have been struggling with making things work. One of the things I have done to try to help my digital data collection, is to buy Notebinder. It is an app for my iPad. So far, I am liking this app because I can have virtual binders with tabs that resemble the binders I used previously. I like the virtual binder over the bound binder, because it takes up significantly less space and I can still separate things with tabs. I am able to write using my different color pens & everything. If there are notes that I take, I can directly email to anyone from the app itself. So I am more punctual about sending stuff to parents and peers.

My one problem has been actual data collection. I have found 2 apps to help me, one of which I threw out immediately. It was more of a way to track antecedents (which is not something I need right now). The other being BehaviorTrackerPro.

I used Behavior Tracker some last year on my phone and was able to get fabulous customer service switching the app from my Android phone to my iPad. So I am really keen on using it since they were so helpful. However, as I am not yet fluent with it, my data collection has been all over the board.
With my paper/pen data sheets, I was able to easily see how I collected data differently for each task. The electronic app only collects data in reserved ways. Has anyone else found an electronic way to track data that works for them. At this point, I am seriously considering downloading excell for my iPad so I can use my old sheets!


  1. I just stumbled on my comment may be out of date...but have you tried using Google Forms for data collection?

  2. I didn't use Google forms for data collection due to the fact that it was easier for the staff I had in my class to use an analog version of data collection. We attempted to use an electronic version, but with one working computer, 3 adults taking data & kids using the computer too it wasn't being collected enough for my liking. At the time, as crazy as it might seem, I had one assistant who didn't even have a cell phone!

    There is always the opportunity for Goggle Docs in my next classroom...