Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First time for everything!

It seems as if there is a first time for everything!  Today seems as good as any day to start blogging about my classroom adventures.  

I am supposed to be on Spring Break, but instead I worked all in my classroom.  I am getting a new student the day we return from Spring Break, so I had to get my room prepared.  I still don't have a new schedule for her, but I do have work tasks completed.  I was stressing myself out over the work tasks, so I feel good about everything I accomplished today.  

In honor of all of the tasks that I completed today, I will call today Task Tuesday.  (I hope I can figure out how to post the pictures of the ones I created.)

I don't know if she can count money, but I made this task to see if she could match coins to the pictures I attached to the cards.  If she can count money, I will print out a new set of cards minus the coin pictures. All of the items are less than $1.00.

I made this 1:1 correspondence task for another of my students so I could take one of his tasks and give it to my new student.  This student is famous for trying to cram as much as he can into a container as possible.  Each pill bottle will only hold one chess piece.  If he tries to stuff anymore in the pill bottle, he won't be able to close it!

This is a classification task I made for my new student.  I don't know if she has any abilities to classify yet, as I haven't read her IEP, so we will see how this one works for her.

This is a picture matching task.  I have pictures taped to the inside of the soap dishes that correspond to the items in the cups on the left.  I have all of the items in separate cups, because if this task doesn't work for my new student, I can pass it on to another student who has a habit of grabbing handfuls of items and stuffing them wherever he can. (I keep garbage cans far away from him!)

Here is another sorting task I made today (courtesy of Tasks Galore by Laurie Eckenrode).  My goal for this task was to make sure that none of the items would fit in the spot for any of the other items.  I had to tape the slots heavily to keep stuff from being shoved in; we will see how well it works.

Here is a functional assembly task I made.  These are soap boxes (I taped a first aid tag on the top of each box) that will be filled with 1 antiseptic wipe and 1 band-aid.

Here is another functional assembly task.  The pill bottles in the back are for the filled toothbrush holders.  This limits where the finish product can be placed, since it will only hold all of the items if the holders are filled properly.  


  1. Wow! Thank you SO much for this blog! Do you allow pinning for your blogs? This is Fantastic.. and I would LOVE to share!

  2. Feel free to pin whatever you would like. I scour the internet for ideas myself, so if someone wants to take one of my ideas & put it out there, feel free!

    1. Do you happen to sell any of these task boxes? These are GREAT for my life skills SH high school kiddos!!

  3. These are awesome. Idea to share: I was taking pictures with my camera, printing them off on a word document, glueing them to tagboard, laminating them, and then putting them on a ring so my student could flip through the pages and build the object or color the picture with step by step pictures. Last week I used my Ipad and saved the pictures in an album. Now my student just pickes photos and the album with the picture of the task he is doing, and goes to work. 10 times easier:-)